“ Design is an organic and dynamic process – you need to be quite calm and level headed as you deal with the daily challenges that a project can present. Ultimately, I am driven to create inspiring and exciting spaces that tell the story of the people who live in them.”


Stephanie offers a professional, comprehensive interior design service for residential and commercial clients in London and around the world. Stephanie creates classic and contemporary spaces while also injecting the personality of each client. Stephanie strongly believes in mixing old with new and is therefore often trawling antique markets and reclamation yards for materials and unique pieces to complete her design.

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, Stephanie studied law at the University of Southampton and qualified as a solicitor in London working in the banking and finance sector. A move to Hong Kong afforded her the opportunity to indulge her passion for home furnishings and fashion and she set up an agency placing clothing and lifestyle products from 12 Australian brands into Hong Kong’s top retail outlets. This led to a career in Interior Design and a qualification with The Interior Design School. This gives Stephanie a unique set of skills making her acutely aware of her client’s requirements and able to deliver projects professionally, on time and within budget.

Stephanie leads all design projects and is a central figure in all client relationships. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, getting to know clients, understanding their needs and preferences, winning their trust and collaborating with them is at the heart of Stephanie’s work.

Each client has their own individual life, taste, and dreams just as each building and each space has its own light, proportions, history or personality. Stephanie’s interiors therefore differ markedly from one another. However, they all reflect her personal aesthetic and the importance she places on materials and texture.

Stephanie works closely with the team of craftsmen and suppliers she has built up across the country so that each brief can be fulfilled according to its individual budget and requirements.


“Stephanie is incredibly creative, professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone.  We were looking for a less typical style to our house, vintage more than modern with a high-end flair.  She got the spec perfectly and we are delighted with the results.  She gives a lot more than the average designer…  she can liaise with every aspect of the project and has a brilliant attention to detail. “

Vanessa Sher